JAMB Result for July 1 is out- why the delay in releasing it – Read more-


JAMB Result for July 1 is out- why the delay in releasing it – Read more-  JAMB result of some candidates that sat for JAMB exam the second time this year has not been released since its commencement on the 1st of July.

It is no news that some candidates JAMB result was withheld and canceled after the first JAMB exam was conducted some time ago. Claims for the withholding and cancellation was alleged to be on the basis of exam malpractice and violation of other rules laid by Jamb. This particular incident left many of the affected candidates, though few, handicapped and confused because their fate couldn’t be decided. many were on the verge of depression but Jamb out of their benevolence thought it wise to conduct another JAMB exam for the affected Candidates.

The second JAMB exam commenced on  July 1. The second exam which served as a second chance to remedy the first bad experience put a smile on the faces of the Candidates who sat for it. The pressing issue now which has called for concern is the Delay in the Release of their JAMB Result since July 1 till now. The delay is making many of them so confused and angry because as it stands now many of the institutions that these candidates applied for have announced the Date for their screening exam and here they are still battling to know their fate with JAMB result.  DELAY IN RELEASING JAMB RESULT


The reason behind the delay of the release of JAMB result for July first still remains a mystery for all and sundry. Judging from the first JAMB exam conducted, Millions of candidates participated and it didn’t take JAMB this long to release their Results. why the Delay in Releasing the result of this few?

All the affected candidates should please exercise patience, I believe there is a good reason behind the delay.

JAMB should please release this results so that these Candidates can know their Fate as regards this year’s admission. this particular delay in the release of JAMB Result has left many in worst positions than they were when their first result was canceled.

*QUOTE* “Good things never come smoothly, And a smooth sea never makes a good sailor”

Relax This is your year JAMB can only Delay they can’t change it.   BE STRONG AND HAVE FAITH!!

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